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SEO Services by the Torque Network

A SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing strategy is a vital component of your company’s online marketing efforts.

According to recent consumer online search behaviour reports, 67.6% of consumers click on the first 5 organic search engine results and 92% of user’s click on a result from the top 30 ranked websites. The bottom line is that SEO is essential to increase website rankings, visitors, brand awareness, leads, and most importantly sales!

At the Torque Network, we understand fine details and specifications of SEO and address all aspects of an SEO strategy including site structure, On-site & Off-site optimization, keyword-rich content, meta tag and meta description optimization,  content marketing and comprehensive high-quality link building procedures.

At the Torque Network, one of our core beliefs is providing our clients with complete transparency regarding the entire search engine optimization process. This is why we provide extensive performance tracking and monthly tasks completion reporting to ensure your specific objectives are being met and your rankings and website traffic is consistently improving. Whether you are launching a new website or looking to improve your existing website’s current search engine rankings, we combine proven methodologies with creative implementation to generate significant results for your business.

On-Site SEO
On-Page SEO

We thoroughly research your industry and conduct extensive keyword research related to your key services. We will uncover what your users are searching for online and then carefully optimize your website for these important keywords, also know as search terms. Skillfully integrating these terms into your headers, page titles, meta descriptions, and URLs will send the right signals to Google and other search engines regarding the key content that you want to rank for.

Organic online traffic can oftentimes be the highest and best converting traffic, and it’s important to capitalize on that by being strategic with your SEO strategy. Making sure your website’s page titles are strategically optimized is an important part of the “on-site SEO” process, but that’s only a fraction of the recipe.

Off-Site SEO
Off-Page SEO

To ensure your website is highly visible on search engines for the important search terms, you’ll also need to manage your social media signals and build links to your important content. Your business should create a digital footprint online and search results will reflect the size and depth of the footprint created.

Citations online, the listings in directories prevalent across the Internet, should be maintained properly. We can make your listings consistent across all major directories and this will have a positive impact on your website’s search visibility.

There are many factors to consider is choosing the right SEO firm for building your online success story and the Torque Network is properly prepared to exceed your expectations.

Do You Have SEO Questions?

Whether you have a few SEO questions, or you’re looking to us to help optimize your existing website for optimal search engine performance, CONTACT US!

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