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Cadillac V-Net

The Cadillac V series is a line of high-performance vehicles tuned by the General Motors Performance Division for the Cadillac division of General Motors. Models in the V series include the CTS-V coupe, sedan and wagon.

Most V-series Cadillacs feature high-performance V8 engines mated to manual six-speed transmissions or automatic transmissions in the STS-V, XLR-V ATS-V and 2009+CTS-V, top-of-the-line Brembo brakes and revised suspension systems, revised interiors and special V-series bodywork which is intended to improve vehicle performance as well as differentiate them from their normal production counterparts.

Cadillac has also re-entered Motorsport competition with their CTS-V R, a joint venture between GM Performance Division and Pratt & Miller race team, most famous for their role in GM’s Le Mans-winning Corvette C5-R program.

Ever since the web became commonplace, more and more Cadillac V-Series enthusiasts have gotten an opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and opinions and develop relationships through web sites like the Cadillac V-Net.

As the Internet grows, it becomes more difficult to find specific information. Short of asking a question in a magazine, or one of the more specific mailing lists, finding a web site with detailed information on V-Series Cadillacs can be frustrating. Not to mention the difficulty in ascertaining the quality of information provided by well meaning individuals.

The Cadillac V-Net is an idea that came from our family of automotive websites such as the Corvette Action Center and the Cadillac XLR Net.

The purpose of the site is to provide a place where Cadillac V-series owners and enthusiasts can research their Cadillac, contribute their experiences of ownership such as repairs and modifications, write articles to contribute to the site and buy/sell/exchange cars and parts. Our plan is to continue extending the site, by continuing to add the information that is important to you as Cadillac V-Series owners and enthusiasts.

The Cadillac V-Net is supported by automotive vendors, which pay the bills to operate this site. This also provides vendors a place to let enthusiasts know what products and services they can provide to help pursue our automotive passion. If you are a vendor and would like to know more about providing advertising to support the site, and you would like to know how this site can help your business, please contact us for special rates and program information.

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    Cadillac V-Net
    Cadillac V-Net
    Cadillac V-Net
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